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Hello, my name is Carrie Libbrecht, BPT. I would like to introduce you to Breath Power Therapy. BPT sessions teach you to use your breath to release stress moment by moment so it doesn’t turn into tension.

My Breath Power Therapy Room

What is Breath Power Therapy?

BPT teaches you to use Conscious Breathing to assist your healing process. In one or a series of sessions, you experience how breathing fully & consciously improves your life.

During my training at the BodyMind Academy, a state licensed vocational school in Kirkland, Washington, I became aware of challenges in my own life. I was under a lot of stress. This stress caught up to me and I ended up in burnout. Using Breath Power Therapy© I restored balance to my body and my mind. I found inner peace.

I have 27 years experience as a Registered Respiratory Therapist. Now I am reaching out to our community as a Certified Breath Power Therapist to offer another choice in Holistic Healing.

If you’re experiencing anxiety, difficulty relaxing or sleeping, chronic pain, breathing difficulties, depression or low energy, I encourage you to give Breath Power Therapy a try.

To make an appointment, call or text 403-803-4194, or email newday@telus.net. Thank you.

"Breath Power Practice - the joy of down time for you"


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